MagniX and Desaer Join Forces to Create the ATL-100H Hybrid-Electric Aircraft

Washington-based electric motor manufacturer MagniX has joined forces with Brazilian aeronautical company Desaer to develop the ATL-100H, a hybrid-electric variant of the ATL-100 aircraft.
ATL-100H aircraft rendering 6 photos
Desaer ATL-100 aircraft renderingDesaer ATL-100 aircraft renderingDesaer ATL-100 aircraft renderingATL-100H aircraft renderingMagni350 electric propulsion unit
Announced in 2020, the ATL-100 is currently under development by Desaer. It's a flexible twin-turboprop aircraft with a fixed tricycle landing gear capable of carrying up to 19 passengers. Depending on its configuration, it can also accommodate about a dozen paratroops or three LD3 containers.

It's capable of covering more than 1,600 km (994 miles) and reaching a top speed of 428 kph (266 mph). The aircraft can fly at a maximum altitude of 7,620 meters (25,000 ft). According to the company, the ATL-100 is expected to enter into service ahead of the hybrid variant that the two will jointly develop.

As part of the collaboration, MagniX will use its proprietary technology to power the ATL-100H. The aircraft's core will be represented by two magni350 electric propulsion units (EPUs) and two turboprop engines. Each of the EPUs will include a magni350 motor, two magniDrive 100 (that's how the company calls its inverter/motor controller power electronics unit), and a closed-loop integrated thermal management system.

MagniX says that its electric propulsion system will play a big in increasing efficiency and reducing noise. The hybrid aircraft will include both an electric and a gas motor. The goal is to reduce fuel consumption while maintaining the performance and range needed for regional flight.

Depending on the range of operation, the new ATL-100H is expected to save between up to 40 percent once operational. This partnership between the two companies is expected to reduce not only costs but also reduce the environmental impact in the Brazil region.

"The ATL-100H and future versions of the aircraft will enable customers and operators to achieve carbon emission reduction targets, while maintaining the low operating costs offered by DESAER's ATL family of aircraft," said Desaer's CEO Evandro Fileno.

Editor's note: Gallery includes illustrations of Desaer's ATL-100 aircraft as well.

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