Magical Off-Grid arcana Cabins Disappear Into Their Surroundings Like Predator

Imagine you're walking around in the woods exploring nature like any reasonable human being, and suddenly, you smash your forehead into a seemingly invisible wall. From behind that wall, you hear an eruption of laughter.
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What I've just described could be a real situation unfolding on Canadian territory. It could be an average human's first interaction with a set of tiny cabins named arcana. And just as the name would suggest, there is something absolutely magical going on here.

If you ever end up taking a trip up to Toronto, Canada, you'll have to make a note of this article because less than two hours drive outside of Toronto, there's a place known as arcana, a campground that is blurring the lines between urban and outdoor life.

Blurring lines between urban and outdoor? If you haven't caught on by now, what makes these tiny cabins so dang special is the way they blend into the surrounding environment.All in all, the way they're designed and built, and the experiences they'll bring are what makes them so magical.

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To better understand what to expect from this off-grid adventure, the design of arcana is the work of Leckie Studio, an architecture design team out of British Columbia, Canada.

In 2015, Leckie Studio hit the market as one of the innovators of the architecture design industry, quickly scooping up countless awards just one year after opening its doors. A few years and awards down the line, and you're looking at an outdoor habitat that's able to pull a disappearing act like Predator.

What you'll find nestled in the Canadian wilderness is 275 square feet (25.5 square meters) of minimalist design, integration with nature, and above all, tons of mirrored steel. It's this element that gives arcana its magical properties. Personally, I thought it might all be glass. Then again, steel just has a durability that glass can't touch, helping keep those wandering explorers from shattering your habitat.

Inside each arcana, guests will find everything needed to survive during every season of Canadian weather. You'll have spray-foam insulation and a solid heating system to thank for that. Designated spaces offer a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, too; all the comforts of home.

arcana Cabin Kitchen
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As you enter your arcana, to the right sits the bathroom, ready with a shower booth, sink and vanity, and incinerating toilet. Straight ahead, you'll enter the living or dining room, and to the right of that, the kitchen. The far wall features a queen bed.

Need to cook a meal? Not to worry, a sink with running water, countertop, and oven, are all you need to whip up a quick meal, invisible to the outside world. Keeping things cool will be a mini-fridge.

Finally, at the far end of each arcana, the bed I mentioned sits hidden behind a glass wall, mirrored just like the rest of the structure. Since it's made of glass, you can watch someone those outdoor goers smash into your cabin, all the while laughing about it. Above your bed, a massive skylight not only floods the space with natural light but also gives you one heck of a view of the stars above.

The exterior of arcana has seen some attention too. Equipped with a private deck and fire pit, too, enjoying late-night chats while putting together s'mores with nothing but the warmth of a fire and the people you love should just about do the trick in balancing your chakras.

arcana Cabin Interior
Photo: findarcana
Best of all, arcana is a campground. This means that outdoor adventures are part of the package. Whether you bring your off-grid-ready vehicle, packed will all the gear you need or not, arcana still offers an array of outdoor activities like hiking trails, sauna access, and a few others.

Want to get in on this action? Well, all you can do right now is get in line as arcana is fully booked until June 2022. As far as pricing, the last known rate I found is 300 dollars per weeknight for two people. I wasn't able to clarify if that's in Canadian or American dollars, but whichever of the two, it's still dang affordable if you ask me.

Now, all of this sounds absolutely amazing, if you ask me, especially if you're the sort of person seeking new experiences. But there is one little problem. Can you imagine what it must be like to come back from a few drinks while trying to find your "invisible" home? It'll be an experience alright, and one that may last until dawn the next day. Don't blame me; you're the one that asked for off-grid adventures.
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