Maggiore Ferrari 308M Restomod Set for Public Showing at Miami L'Automobile Show

We've covered a lot of restomods here at autoevolution, but almost none are Ferrari's. That's because very few people are bold enough to improve those classic cars. Thankfully, the folks at Automobili Magiorre have just that sort of moxy.
Maggione Ferrari 308M 7 photos
Maggione Ferrari 308MMaggione Ferrari 308MMaggione Ferrari 308MMaggione Ferrari 308MMaggione Ferrari 308MMaggione Ferrari 308M
Their completely custom Ferrari 308 restomod is subtly named the 308M. That theme of subtly runs throughout this car's DNA. It's nothing like the absolutely batty Lamborghini Espada Rat Rod we've previously covered.

In fact, the Maggiore 308M has been all over the world, from New Orleans to Turin. We bet very few have recognized what they were looking at. This isn't like any other 308. It's $600,000, to begin with. That gets you a seriously bespoke creation that provides classic Ferrari style with more modern performance and luxury.

Every body panel has been replaced with carbon fiber. The only parts untouched during the rebuild are the doors, the chassis, and the engine bay. Displacement is increased from 2.9-liters to 3.2. The engine now generates 300 horsepower with the help of forged internals.

That power gets sent to the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission equipped with a lightweight flywheel and a racing clutch. The body itself is wider by 5 centimeters in the front and 10 in the back. It also gets bigger 17-inch wheels and tires to put the power down.

Up front might be the most obvious change to the original car. Instead of the classic pop-up headlights that everyone knows the 308 for, this one has sleek and slender horizontal LED headlights tucked into the bodywork.

To reign in the additional 48 horsepower and the much lighter weight, the 308M uses big four-piston Brembo brake calipers and vented discs. It also gets Koni racing dampers and a whole new exhaust system.

Having heard it, it sounds like demonic horses screaming at you to stop being such a chicken and push the go pedal down harder.

Now it's going to be on full display for fans at the 2021 L'Automobile show in Miami on November 20th and 21st. Attendees will really appreciate the attention to detail inside the cabin too.

You see, the carbon fiber continues inside with machined aluminum, leather, and Maharam surfaces to soothe its occupants. Maggiore will customize every one of its 308M cars to the customer's specific desires so no two will be identical.

Buyers will also find bespoke switchgear, a heads-up display, and even a modern premium sound system. It should be noted, though, that the $600,000 price tag quoted above doesn't include the base vehicle.

You'll need your very own Ferrari 308, to begin with. Then you'll provide it along with the 600 grand to Maggiore for the work. Of course, what they return to you is going to be a one-of-one masterpiece with classic styling and modern usability.


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