Mad Max: Fury Road Sans Special Effects is Still Insanely Awesome to Watch

Mad Max CGI vs Real Life 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
By now, most of you have witnessed Mad Max: Fury Road's appetite for car chases, crashes, explosions and pretty much all those action elements that make a petrolhead's heart go racing. But have you ever wondered how the movie would look like in real life?
If yes, be prepared for a massive spoiler, as we'll answer that question for you before anybody else does: even with no CGI added, Fury Road looks pretty darn cool. That's because those movie scenes were shot in real-life conditions on existing landscapes, not in a fake virtual environment like it was the case in Avatar, for example.

Sure, having real vehicles to destroy using nature's tools - gravitation included - is a lot harder than having someone who uses a mouse and a keyboard to create these scenes on a computer. However, the amount of fun is twice as bigger, which means the final effect when the movie comes out can only please viewers.

By now, you're probably asking yourselves why are we telling you this stuff, right? Well, Sploid posted a new video on their YouTube account showing the most adrenaline-pumping scenes in Mad Max: Fury Road as seen in movie footage but also stripped of special effects and nasty explosions, during footage sessions.

It goes without saying that the real-life version of Mad Max is less coloured than what we saw in cinemas, but in terms of action and how the laws of physics are used to smash, airborne and roll over vehicles, it's just perfect and watch-worthy. See for yourselves, in the video below.

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