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Machine Gun Kelly’s Stolen Aston Martin DB11 Recovered Intact by Pure Luck

Some people have all the luck in the world, and rapper/rocker/actor/fashion icon Machine Gun Kelly is one of them. His stolen Aston Martin was recovered within a week.
Machine Gun Kelly shows off his end-of-tour treat to himself, a purple Aston Martin DB11 30 photos
Machine Gun Kelly lives the total rock’n’roll life. To celebrate wrapping up his joint tour with Young Thug in late 2019, he treated himself to a $200,000+ gift that perfectly fits in with his rock’n’roll image: a brand new Aston Martin DB11 in striking (but gorgeous) purple.

Despite his $10 million net worth, MGK is yet to go deep down the car collecting hole, which means the few cars and bikes he does have get plenty of road use. The Aston Martin was no exception, as paparazzi photos plastered all over social media can attest. The tweet below contains some shots from May this year when MGK took his girlfriend Megan Fox out for a ride. We told you he was a lucky fellow.

As it turns out, the DB11 was stolen right off MGK’s driveway one week ago. The news was made public by his former neighbor, Jeff Lewis of the Bravo series Flipping Out fame, who moved out of the neighborhood after publicly feuding with MGK over his non-stop partying. Lewis said on his podcast that the current owner of his house called him to ask whether his security cameras covered MGK’s driveway.

They didn’t. “Yeah, Colson’s car got stolen. You don’t leave an Aston Martin in the driveway in Los Angeles,” Lewis said. Colson is MGK’s real name, Richard Colson Baker.

TMZ is now saying that LAPD was able to retrieve the car after just one week, and it was by pure chance that they did so. A couple of officers saw it in traffic but couldn’t engage in a pursuit at that moment. Later, they found it parked in a driveway in the same neighborhood, with the engine still running, so presumably, the thieves got spooked and abandoned it there.

And the good news doesn’t stop here: despite being gone for one full week, the DB11 is still in good shape. It’s currently at the impound lot and waiting to be reunited with its rightful owner, which will probably happen very soon. Talk about a Christmas miracle.

Editor's note: Pictured in the gallery, the Aston Martin DB11 without the MGK celebrity pedigree.


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