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Lykan Hypersport Takes Abu Dhabi Police Department from Cool to Insanely Cool

Probably the most famous and envied law enforcement unit in the world, Dubai's Police Department made a name for themselves not by catching criminals, but by their impressive collection of supercars. But wait until you hear this.
Lykan Abu Dhabi Police 4 photos
Lykan Abu Dhabi PoliceLykan Abu Dhabi PoliceLykan Abu Dhabi Police
Think about it like this: it doesn't matter what monstrous number of horsepower is found under your ride's hood, the Abu Dhabi Police Department will catch and apprehend you in not time. Why? Because they can, and have the means to do that.

But when a Lykan Hypersport joins their fleet, you know they could overpass a Cessna flying on a straight line. Also, consider that W Motors said only seven Lykans would be built and try to convert that into just how big the reputation boost was for the police in Abu Dhabi.

Anyway, the Lykan came a long way and swapped tower jumping for (more) worldwide fame. The truth is, if Abu Dhabi Police Department's garage is not a posh enough place for a $3.5 million supercar with diamonds in its headlights and a gold-plated roof, we don't know what is.

Sure, the Lykan Hypersport won't to any police work and most likely its 750 horsepower and 2.8 second 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) time will not be fully showcased on Abu Dhabi's broad highways, but it goes the same for the petrol-burners in Dubai PD's fleet.

It's a shame though, because when you have a police car capable of hitting a top speed of 395 km/h, or 245 mph, seeing bad guys dropping their jaws while you chase and overpass them might be the a thrill for most police officers.


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