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Luxury Moon Resort Gives Space Travel a New Meaning, Boasts World’s Largest Sphere

Plenty of things of global importance happened this year, but it will most likely be remembered as the year when the first civilians traveled to space. Only a handful of them got to experience this, and there’s an ongoing debate about the privileges of the “space race” billionaires. Now, there’s an alternative for those who can’t travel to space – the Moon right here, on Earth.
This luxurious resort will boast the world's largest sphere, and an authentic lunar colony 8 photos
Moon Resort RenderingMoon Resort RenderingMoon Resort RenderingMoon Resort RenderingMoon Resort RenderingMoon Resort RenderingMoon Resort Rendering
This future luxury resort is not only shaped like the Moon but it’s actually designed to offer guests a space-like experience, including all of their senses. But the stunning shape is the most striking thing about it. With a 650-foot (198 meters) diameter, the Moon Resort’s sphere will be the largest in the world.

Not only large but also majestically tall, this futuristic building will stand at 735 feet (224 meters) and will undoubtedly stand out even among the sumptuous resorts in Las Vegas. You can just imagine the breathtaking views from inside the Moon.

No less than 4,000 luxury hotel suites are projected for this giant resort, which will unfold over 5.5 million square feet (516,000 square meters). The main attraction is set to be a so-called “lunar colony,” where guests will experience a visit to the lunar surface as realistically as possible. There aren’t many details available about that, but it sure sounds intriguing.

What’s great about this luxury concept is that it intends to blend science with entertainment. On the one hand, it will feature a planetarium, an observatory, and a discovery center, in addition to the innovative lunar colony. On the other hand, it promises great fun, including a nightclub dominated by the presence of a massive “spaceship”, and live events that can welcome up to 5,000 people.

The stunning Moon resort is set to be built in Las Vegas within the next years, with licenses for six other locations across the globe, including United Arab Emirates and Brazil. It’s presented as an “affordable space tourism adventure,” which could be the case if you compare it to the first civilian flights to space. Instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars for a trip to space, you could be going to the Moon for “only” $500.


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