Luxurious Details Turn This Tiny Into the Best One-Person Mobile Sanctuary

The affordability and versatility of tiny homes have opened up new perspectives for those who embrace solo living in any circumstances. Whether it's an adventurous person who wants to experience maximum freedom and explore new places or someone looking for a peaceful and comfortable "granny flat," anyone can fall in love with a home like the Coastal Escape – a true single-person heaven on wheels.
This custom version of the Coastal Escape is bursting with luxury 21 photos
Photo: Sunshine Tiny Homes
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Finding a reputable builder and having the ability to add customizations are fundamental steps toward a dream home on wheels. Sunshine Tiny Homes fits the bill. This Canadian brand has earned a solid reputation, reflected in the intricate and original style of every home it builds.

The fact that the company's founder and owner, Pam Robertson, has been an active board member of Tiny Home Alliance Canada since 2018 speaks volumes. Prior to that, she was also President of the organization. Pat's expertise and reputation are at the heart of this popular tiny house company, with a name inspired by the famous Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.

All of the brand's models share the same standard features, apart from different sizes and layouts. Most importantly, a high degree of customization is what makes each model unique, memorable, and ultimately the dream home for each specific owner. Coastal Escape is the smallest in the range, specifically designed for solo living.

Coastal Escape 1
Photo: Sunshine Tiny Homes
This model is only 24 feet long (7.3 meters) yet surprisingly stylish and luxurious. Accommodation-wise, its layout includes a small loft bedroom that can fit in a queen-size mattress, which means it can welcome one or two people at most. It also features a compact kitchen instead of a full-sized one and a tiny living room that's part of the same open-plan concept. Unexpectedly, this miniature home puts a spin on the part of the house that usually gets the least love: the bathroom.

A versatile layout means that the Coastal Escape can style its 267 square feet (24.8 square meters) of living space in multiple ways, with remarkable results every time. The custom version shown here combines a masculine, bold approach with boho-chic details. It feels more like a luxury apartment on wheels, perfect for someone with refined taste and an appreciation for excellent craftsmanship.

Although compact, this home's kitchen is ultra-sophisticated. The double sink, the beautiful countertops with a herringbone pattern, and the premium appliances add a glamorous touch. The galley design is the perfect option for dwellings such as this one, with length limitations, taking advantage of the width instead. In this particular case, stainless steel appliances, including a full-size fridge and a microwave convection oven, are perfectly integrated with Ikea cabinets for a contemporary, luxurious look.

Coastal Escape 1
Photo: Sunshine Tiny Homes
Modern light fixtures and boho-style decorations bring the entire décor to life. Small but well-chosen accents make the living room feel remarkably sophisticated despite space limitations. Unlike larger tiny house models, it doesn't boast large windows on both sides or generous space for multiple guests. It's more on the cozy side, with just enough natural light and the right choice of furniture items.

Coastal Escape's open floor plan creates the illusion of wider, uninterrupted spaces. There's nothing blocking the view from the living room, which makes it the perfect place for relaxation. The same thing applies to the loft bedroom – there's no partial separation wall nor a handrail that could create harsh lines and obstruct the views either from above or downstairs.

There's only one discrete door separating the bathroom from the rest of the house. And what an elegant bathroom this is – equipped with a freestanding bathtub and high-end fixtures. There's even extra room for storage. A spa-like bathroom is not the kind of feature you'd expect to find in a house this size, but it works great for this custom Coastal Escape tiny.

Coastal Escape 1
Photo: Sunshine Tiny Homes
This particular interior is all about rich texture and visual interest. The dark color palette is also unusual for smaller living spaces, but it adds a lot of personality. The luxury vinyl flooring and Metal Lux Panel exterior siding are some of the key elements that added elegance to this version of the Coastal Escape design.

As an abode for solo living, this tiny didn't require a separate dining nook. It used the old trick of elongating the kitchen countertop so that it can double as a convenient snack bar, with a simple bar stool right by the front entry. It's an elegant solution that takes up minimal space.

Another fun and unexpected addition is the modern fireplace in the living room. Once again, the Coastal Escape shatters size limitations and proves that even the smallest rooms can flaunt maximum sophistication – the wall-mounted fireplace instantly elevates this tiny living room.

Coastal Escape 1
Photo: Sunshine Tiny Homes
Coastal Escape offers extra storage by adding a staircase with built-in compartments, including a large nook for a washer/dryer unit. As for the loft bedroom, it's modest size-wise but makes up for it with the elegant setup, including recessed lighting and a single nightstand.

Pricing for the standard Coastal Escape starts at CAD 130,500 ($95,300), but this stunning custom version proves that there are no limits to what you can achieve with the help of clever, contemporary styling. This beautiful design remains a timeless source of inspiration.
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