Lumma Design BMW F15 X5 Coming to Russia in Two Weeks

German tuner Lumma Design launched its take on the F15 X5 a while back, making it look.... controversial, in its usual way. Their products have been known to be a bit opulent over the years, with designs that are by no means conventional.
Lumma Design CLR RS 5 photos
Lumma Design CLR RSLumma Design CLR RSLumma Design CLR RSLumma Design CLR RS
For the Russian market, there’s only one company that will be bringing the Lumma CLR RS kit for the X5 through official channels and they just announced that in less than two weeks, interested customers can get their own in Russia.

We’re talking about TOPCAR, of course, the company that basically reinvents the term ‘opulence’ every time it gets the chance. The kit will include Lumma’s own new front bumper, revised side skirts, wheel arches, hood and tailgate spoiler.

Round the back the cars will be fitted with quad tailpipes and a new bumper. The Sport Activity Coupe will also be fitted with 23” wheels from the company’s vault.

You can also customize the interior of the X5, to your liking, Alcantara, carbon fibre and light alloys being amongst the materials you can get in the cabin. However, we’re guessing that TOPCAR can throw some of their own stuff in there too, if you ask them nicely.

Seems like a lot of work, including a lot of parts, to turn your X5 into a Lumma CLR RS, right? Well it is, but for the ones looking into such, rare, models, it’s worth the time and the money. Speaking of which, you should know that the price set for this kit, in Russia, asked by TOPCAR is €30,301 including the wheels and exhaust.

Now, that would, of course, be added to price you’d have to pay for the car in the first place. In Russia, the new X5 starts at RUB3,464,000 which would translate into roughly €75,000. Therefore, unless you have around €100,000 laying around to spare, you can’t really afford the Lumma CLR RS, now can you? Is it worth all that money?


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