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Lumma Design BMW CLR 6 M Spotted in Rotterdam, Hails from Albania

Lumma Design’s products are definitely not for everyone. One might say that they are a bit too much on the eye or that they might be too flashy but they certainly have their own demographic out there. Living proof is one of their products recently spotted in Rotterdam, hailing from... Albania.
Lumma Design BMW CLR 6 M 7 photos
Lumma Design BMW CLR 6 MLumma Design BMW CLR 6 MLumma Design BMW CLR 6 MLumma Design BMW CLR 6 MLumma Design BMW CLR 6 MLumma Design BMW CLR 6 M
Yeah, you’ve probably never heard of this small European country. Other than bad things that is because, let's face it, today's media focuses only on such matters and that's a shame. Even the Top Gear crew went over there and capitalized on the bad rep the country has with all of its mafioso kind of guys.

In their case, they tested the Rolls-Royce Ghots, previous-gen Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG and the ‘Bentley Mulsanne’ that was cleverly disguised as a Yugo. Of course, they run into trouble. With such cars, how could you not?

Today’s hero drives a BMW this time, one prepped by the guys from Lumma Design. It’s an F13 CLR 6 M as the tuner calls. Don’t be afraid though, it’s just a 6 Series with a massive body kit.

As you can notice, it includes a new bonnet, new mirrors, new front bumper, splitters, rear wing, new rear bumper, new side skirts and wider fenders. The wheels are part of the same program in case you were wondering. It’s a massive overhaul of the original design that, as we said, isn’t for everyone.

At the moment, Lumma Design doesn’t offer any engine upgrades for the M6 so the numbers are probably stock, in case the owner didn’t go to another company to get some extra punch. If that’s this Albanian Bimmer has 560 HP and 680 Nm (501 lb-ft) of torque at its disposal to work those Lumma wheels.


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