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Lumma CLR G 800 Is the Lairiest Looking GLE63 Coupe Conversion Yet

Let's face it, the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe isn't the sportiest looking car out there, even when talking about the GLE63 Coupe. It is muscular, yes, but it just doesn't exude the kind of athleticism you'd expect from a car capable of impressive performances.
Lumma CLR G 800 5 photos
Lumma CLR G 800Lumma CLR G 800Lumma CLR G 800Lumma CLR G 800
Despite the dropped roofline, it can't hide the fact it's positively massive, and the big vertical front end does nothing to help shoo away that feeling. Lumma Design has a long history in tinkering with the BMW X6, so if anyone should feel entitled to try their hand at the newly released Mercedes-AMG GLE63 Coupe, it's them.

These images clearly show us that the Mercedes-AMG GLE63 Coupe was in desperate need to shed a little of that visual weight: larger wheels and a lowered suspension.

Obviously, these two modifications make the SUV part of its description lose the little worth it had to begin with and emphasize even further the coupe aspect. Come to think of it, if you ignore everything below the headlights line, the Lumma CLR G 800 could very well pass as an S-Class Coupe to the less observant among us.

Aside from these two interventions, Lumma Design has also installed a wide body kit, new front and rear bumpers and revised side skirts to match. Lumma made use of some carbon fiber to lower the actual weight too - as well as bring down the car's center of gravity - by replacing the original bonnet with a carbon fiber one. The light material is also being used for the front bumper lip and the air intake ducts.

Moving on to the rear, you'll see a very aggressive carbon fiber air diffuser and a wonderful stainless steel quad exhaust system with black tips split up into two groups.

We mentioned Lumma stuck a set of larger wheels on their version of the GLE63 Coupe, but we didn't mention how big they were: a mere 24 inches.It goes deeper than just the exterior
Lumma is offering the complete package with this makeover, and that extends to the interior as well. Customers can go for various types of premium leather and exotic wood trim to satisfy their exquisite (or not) taste.

There is also the possibility to opt for a performance package that sees the total output of the engine jump to 650 hp.

Just like the founder of this segment, the BMW X6, the Mercedes-AMG GLE63 Coupe (or any other GLE Coupe for that matter) was always going to be a love it or hate it car. Lumma's intervention pushes it even deeper into that territory, the only difference being that people will now either love it or hate it more.


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