Ludacris Calls His Tesla Model S Control Screen Ludicrous

Ludacris Calls His Tesla Model S Control Screen Ludicrous 1 photo
Photo: Ludacris on Instagram
Rapper turned into actor Christopher Brian Bridges has been driving crazy cars since he first starred in the Fast & Furious series, but that didn’t stop him from owning one of U.S.’ most popular EVs. Ludacris recently posted an image of the unmistakable control screen of his Tesla Model S, naming it ludicrous.
As part of the actors that got the chance to drive super fast and super furious, having Ludacris switch to an electric vehicle seems quite funny. Well, it’s not. Even though this celebrity also owns some really fast petrol machines, such as his Robert-Fisher pimped Kawasaki and a Bentley Continental GTC convertible, that doesn’t mean you can’t have electric propulsion to match that.

In fact, this fellow loves taking his McLaren Mp4 on the street every once in a while, which means he didn’t switch to the “eco club.” The Tesla Model S is part of his small, but cool fleet of green cars, as Ludacris also owns a BMW i8. This one he even wrote a song for and put it on Instagram, so we’re talking real love.

As to Elon Musk’s baby, in case you haven’t read our Tesla Model S review, we’ll take a second to remind you about this weird feature the EV comes with. Its cabin is adorned with a 17-inch touchscreen display, which holds most of the car’s controls. Of course it covers all the infotainment as well, but you’ll get everything from climate to the ride height with the push of one finger. You can also use it to browse the internet.

It might look more like a tablet, or even a small TV screen, but you’ll want to know Tesla Model S’ generous size touchscreen offers the possibility to get a horizontal split-screen layout allowing you to browse through two features at a time. Alas, the feature can sometimes get in your way, as on certain occasions you just want to push a button and see the job done. Oh well, there's always voice control.
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