Luda the Brunette Has Scary Joyride in 700 HP Evo and Fiat

It's been a while since we last featured one of these videos. They used to be all over the place until YouTube decided to cut monetization from everything that's remotely sexual. Still, we find this more entertaining than vlogs about "omg, my supercar is broken."
Luda the Brunette Has Scary Joyride in 700 HP Evo and Fiat 3 photos
The setup is always the same. You get yourself a swift car, preferably one that the Internet likes or that makes turbo blow-off noises. At least one sexy girl is required, but two is always better.

After that, you strap a camera to the windshield, ask her to wear sear the seatbelt the wrong way and let madness happen. For some reason, the girl in the back isn't wearing the belt at all, and she's bounced around all over the place by the stiff suspension.

In this case, the cute girl in question is called Luda, which we believe to be a shortened version of the Russian name Ludmila. But it also makes you think of the word "ludic" which means to show spontaneous and undirected playfulness. Maybe that's why she's wearing feathers in her ears and gloves in the middle of summer. But we're just stereotyping here, as the brunette is actually a young Israeli DJ by the name of Luda Gross.

The cars aren't anything special, but they are pretty fast. In one video, we've got a 750 wheel horsepower Mitsubishi Evo 8, an infinitely tunable nemesis of the street racing scene.

After that, Luda jumps in some sort of weird track car, described as the "Bugatti Veyron Killer" Fiat. Supposedly, it's a 1-ton toy with 700 horsepower at the wheels. Due to the bounciness of the ride, we liked this second video a little better. Sure, we're superficial, but this isn't global politics, it's a shots of a brunette in a couple of fast cars.

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