Lucid Motors' Atvus Luxury EV Revealed in S-Class and 7 Series Comparison

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Photo: Lucid Motors
Several startups that have promised to deliver electric vehicles are getting closer to the final reveal day, with two of the most relevant being Faraday Future and the newly renamed Lucid Motors.
Apart from developing luxury EVs, the two American companies have one other thing in common: they are both backed by Chinese giant LeEco. While that wouldn't be a bad thing in itself, considering the recent news concerning a cash crisis at Jia Yueting's enterprise, it could spell trouble for the budding car makers.

Be that as it may, both Faraday Future and Lucid Motors seems on track to release their first cars, and it looks like the latter is going to beat the former on who gets to launch its product first. Faraday has decided on next year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (January 5-8 2017) as the venue for the big reveal, but Lucid Motors plans on doing it this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

After a series of nicely executed teaser images that support the brand's claim as a luxury manufacturer and a grainy black and white picture that turned out to be misleading, the company has now presented the public a photo of the production version.

Since it wasn't time yet, the sedan is still fully camouflaged, but that doesn't mean we don't get to see its complete silhouette as well as a few important details. For instance, the rear wheel cover is gone (thank God), and the Atvus (the name is not yet official) appears to have a very large trunk opening with most of the rear acting as a liftgate.

Lucid Motors (going by the name of Atieva at the time) has been testing its powertrain extensively for quite some time under the body of a Mercedes-Benz Vito van. The dual-motor setup is said to develop over 900 horsepower, with some voices saying it goes as high as 1,000 hp. Whatever it is, we know it to be fast from a series of drag races where the white van beat pretty stiff opponents, including a Tesla Model S (not the top version, though).

Looking at the image where the Atvus sits between a BMW 7 Series and a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, we can see it is considerably shorter and lower that the two German luxury limousines, but it does have rather long overhangs. Still, expect it to handle more than decently considering the 87 kWh battery pack is located under the floor, which - as we already know from Tesla - means a very planted stance due to the low center of gravity.

Lucid Motors plans to start production late 2017 or early 2018, with an output of 20,000 units scheduled for the first year, and a maximum of 130,000 for those to follow. As always, we'll believe it when we see it, but the premises are looking good for Lucid Motors. Four years after Tesla started production of the Model S, the electric sedan might finally get a real competitor.
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