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LS3-powered C6 Corvette Packs 930 RWHP

Remember the obscene awesome 1,000+ HP hearse we wrote about in mid-November? You do? That’s great, because the guys from AMS Performance prepped a new vehicle that’s able to pull lightning-fast quarter mile runs.
8-second C6 Corvette 1 photo
Quicker than the crazy 9.94-second Chevrolet Caprice-based hearse, the C6 Corvette you’re about to see in the video below was enhanced by a 416 cubic inch LS3 engine feb by an ECS Novi 2200 blower. The combo delivers 930 HP to the rear wheels and enables the Vette to complete the quarter mile in 8.92 seconds at 151.49 mph (243.8 km/h).

Impressed? You should be! Mostly because this is a road-legal car that retains its leather seats, air conditioning system and everything else that came installed from the factory. Did we mention it can do 60 feet in 1.22 seconds? Is it fast enough for you?


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