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Loyal Tesla Customer Bought a Model X Plaid, the Nightmares Began After Accepting Delivery

Knowing that your brand-new Tesla Model X Plaid is ready for you would make any EV enthusiast anxious. After all, the SUV is incredibly powerful and is packed with enough technology to keep anyone entertained and connected. However, these long-term, faithful buyers were met with an unpleasant surprise. The headaches continue even today. Here’s what happened.
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Katee Lauchner lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is part of a family that loves Tesla’s vehicles. As a result, they are now on their fourth EV manufactured by the American brand. The Tesla Model X Plaid was meant to fill in the gaps and help the family remain ready for travel at any time. They ordered one and patiently waited for it to arrive.

Scheduling a delivery might seem like something very easy to do for most automakers, especially those that do not rely on third parties such as dealerships. But in this instance, the delivery appointment overlapped with the future owners being on a trip. They still wanted the SUV, so no rescheduling was done. The kids got the chance to take a first look at the vehicle.

Still, the buyers wanted to make sure everything was alright. They asked if the kids could take an in-depth look, but they were informed that an interior check done by those at home at the time of the drop-off was impossible until delivery was accepted. Despite having doubts, the family decided to say yes on June 30th. That’s when the problems and quality issues started to emerge.

The owners’ kids saw a couple of things that were not suitable for a brand-new vehicle. For example, the gear lettering was somehow already rubbed off. The leather on the seats wasn’t looking good either. However, they still wanted to make sure the SUV will be protected and took it for a tint and ceramic coating. Such shops are very vigilant with the cars they take in, so an initial inspection was performed.

The technicians found several issues. They noted that the front seats had wrinkled leather, the back seat had a stitching defect, and said the vehicle’s interior looked used. The shop’s employees also discovered multiple paint problems, some alignment issues, and a bunch of panel gaps that need fixing.

The owners of the Model X Plaid got in touch with Tesla, and they had a service appointment scheduled for the 1st of August. Unfortunately, the company told them to not show up and rescheduled for a later date.

Visibly frustrated about what went down with getting their fourth Tesla, Lauchner took to social media to share her experience and ask other owners from the Phoenix area if they encountered similar scenarios.

“I feel like we got a lemon,” wrote the woman on Facebook.

The owners discussed the situation with the manager of the Tesla Service Center in Scottsdale. They were told that new seats and a shift changer had already been ordered. The experts also added the wi-fi interface card to that purchase since it was missing from the factory.

The buyers of the $139,000 Model X Plaid are now waiting to get their all-electric SUV fixed on August 24th, almost two months after it was delivered to them.


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