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Lowered Ferrari 488 Pista in Switzerland Looks Fake

These days, the Ferrari 488 Pista is reaching its owners, with the supercar landing just in time for the aficionados to enjoy the final days of dry weather in Europe.
Lowered Ferrari 488 Pista in Switzerland 1 photo
In fact, you can check out one of the first Pistas in Switzerland in the Instagram post at the bottom of the page. The supercar shows a classic combo of red and black, but there's another detail that might catch your eye.

We're referring to the ground clearance of the thing. Sure, until Ferrari comes up with the Purosangue crossover, we can only talk about Maranello machines that sit low to the ground and yet the one we have here seems exaggerated.

Well, that's because we're talking about a digitally touched images. Sure, the photos in the Instagram post at the bottom of the page were captured on Swiss streets, but the machine has been brought closer to the road using pixel manipulation.

In fact, the Instagram account behind the images does just that - it photographs go-fast machine in Switzerland and then applies the said treatment.

Returning to the 720 horsepower supercar, we've already seen this delivering extreme performance numbers in independent tests. However, we're expecting for more owner to take delivery of their toys, so we can see the mid-engined delight competing in the real world.

For instance, there are plenty of aficionados who wish to see the Ferrari 488 Pista drag racing the McLaren 720S and the Lamborghini Huracan Performante.

As we've done ever since the Italian V8 monster was launched, we'll continue to keep an eye out for such adventures and bring them to you as soon as we get our keyboards on them. In fact, this is exactly how we came across the images sitting before you (make sure to use the swipe feature of the Instagram post).


Pista porn. @nidalbentaleb

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