Lotus Launches Yet Another Evora Spin-Off: GT430 Sport

Gradually improving the breed is the way to do it in the sports car business. Look at Porsche and the 911 for the perfect case in point. But over at Lotus, it’s tiring to keep up with the British marque’s advances of the flagship Evora.
2018 Lotus Evora GT430 Sport 7 photos
2018 Lotus Evora GT430 Sport2018 Lotus Evora GT430 Sport2018 Lotus Evora GT430 Sport2018 Lotus Evora GT430 Sport2018 Lotus Evora GT430 Sport2018 Lotus Evora GT430 Sport
Shown in 2008, made uglier in 2015 by the Evora 400 mid-cycle update, and subsequently watered down with endless special editions and variations, the newest model bears the name GT430 Sport. And of course, it costs almost as much as the 2018 Porsche 911 GT3, because why wouldn’t it?

Closely related to the GT430, which is the most powerful road-legal Lotus to date, the GT430 Sport throttles down on downforce for more maximum velocity. Less aerodynamic trickery translates to 100 kilograms of downforce instead of 250 kilograms, and a top speed of 196 mph instead of 190 mph.

Thanks to the peak torque of 332 pound-feet from the Toyota-sourced supercharged V6 engine, zero to 62 mph comes in 3.6 seconds. And that’s Mercedes-AMG GT R quick! Lotus is understandably proud of this achievement.

10 kilograms lighter than the GT430, the 1,248-kilogram GT430 Sport features ventilated brakes from AP Racing with four-piston calipers, adjustable traction control, adjustable dampers developed by Ohlins, as well as a limited-slip differential to keep things under control during cornering.

A six-speed manual comes standard, with Lotus offering a six-speed automatic transmission for £2,600 on top of the starting price. Air condition is also optional, commanding an additional £1,500. Curiously, even a cup holder costs a mind-bending £120!

While on the subject of extras, probably the most important upgrade is the £2,000 wheels and tires upgrade. With 10.5J alloys at the rear and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber on all four corners, the 2018 Lotus Evora in GT430 Sport attire promises to stick to the ground even better than it does as standard.

“This is a car that epitomizes a purity of engineering that many car manufacturers fail to match,” declared Lotus Cars chief executive Jean-Marc Gales.


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