Lotus Exige S: You Shall Not Get In!

Lotus Exige S: You Shall Not Get In! 1 photo
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If you're looking at a magazine cover thinking the Lotus Exige S is the perfect sportscar for you… don't, just don't.
The undignified way in which you enter or exit one of their cars is absolutely legendary and while you might think it's an acceptable compromise to make in order to get Ferrari performance for Porsche Boxster money, it really isn't.

Recombu Cars recently received the brand new Exige S to test drive. But before giving us the full review, they decided to see if members of the general public can get in and out. The reality of living with one of these is not glamorous in the least bit.

The funnies bit of the whole video is when a well-spoken old man who says he's from Greece tries to get in. It's funny until you realize the Exige S as shown probably costs around £70,000 and is out of the reach of most 20 to 30-year olds.

Add to that the low ground clearance, the limited visibility and the ride and you will come to an inevitable understanding why most folks buy Range Rovers and BMW X5s nowadays.

So should this stop you from buying one? If you have 10 million dollars and want to build a dream garage, the Exige S is great. It's faster than most other sportscar you can buy for the money and is actually quite beautiful, even compared to a Porsche Cayman. But, if you're like us and can't afford more than one car, the killjoy cabin entry is a big no-no.

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