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Lotec C1000, CLK GTR Roadster and 300 SL to be Auctioned

Three of some of the rarest cars wearing the three-pointed star as an emblem are going to be auctioned by RK Motors Collector Car Auctions (RKMCCA) at the Charlotte Convention Center from October 31 to November 2.
Lotec C1000 12 photos
Mercedes-Benz 300 SLMercedes-Benz 300 SLMercedes-Benz 300 SLLotec C1000Lotec C1000Lotec C1000Lotec C1000Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR RoadsterMercedes-Benz CLK GTR RoadsterMercedes-Benz CLK GTR RoadsterMercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster
While the Lotec C1000 is not technically a Mercedes-Benz, it does sport the tri-star emblem on both the aerodynamically-shaped front hood and on the 5.6-liter tiwn-turbocharged V8 sitting behind the two bucket seats.

With no less than 1000 hp squeezed out of the 5.6-liter V8 taken straight out of a Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC/SEL (W126/C126) and turbocharged into oblivion, the one of a kind Lotec C1000 was built back in 1995 for an UAE-based business man that had wanted to own the world's fastest street-legal car.

The car's calculated top speed is around 431 km/h (268 mph), but apparently nobody tested it so far.

The Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster is one of six ever produced, making it the second rarest three-pointed star wearer in this trifecta of rare models, while we sincerely hope that the 300 SL Gullwing from 1954 doesn't need a description for our readers.


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