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Lori Harvey Ends Yacht Trip with Private Jet, Steve Stays and Finally Tries Jet Skis

Lori Harvey and her brother Wynton finally returned from their lavish yacht holiday, but Steve and Marjorie continued the trip. The television presenter found the courage to finally try some water activities on a jet ski, despite him saying he wouldn't do any, a few days ago.
Steve Harvey on WaveRunner 10 photos
Marjorie Harvey on WaveRunnerMarjorie Harvey on WaveRunnerMarjorie Harvey on WaveRunnerThe Yacht the Harvey Family Seemed to Holiday OnThe Yacht the Harvey Family Seemed to Holiday OnThe Yacht the Harvey Family Seemed to Holiday OnLori Harvey's JetLori Harvey's JetMarjorie  and Harvey on WaveRunner
Model Lori Harvey shared a series of pictures and short videos on her Instagram Stories of her leaving the blissful yacht vacation, alongside her brother, Wynton. The two had previously enjoyed a very lavish trip on a yacht, sailing along the shore in the Bahamas with their parents, Steve and Marjorie Harvey.

Lori had posted several pictures from onboard the yacht. While neither shared the name of the expensive vessel, one could notice how perfectly well-balanced and exclusive it was, displaying earth tones and modern furniture.

The yacht trip came right after Lori celebrated her 25th birthday and coincided with her stepfather Steve Harvey’s 65th birthday.

Lori and Wynton left the yacht and got on board a Cessna 208 Caravan jet. The aircraft is powered by a single Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 turboprop and it usually seats up to nine passengers.

Steve and his wife, Marjorie, remained in the Bahamas to relax, but also to have some fun. Marjorie even tried swimming with nurse sharks, which Steve downright refused, and added that he’s not there for “no water activities.

But, as the power couple remained on the yacht, the television host decided to give it a try. Marjorie was the first one to hop on a grey Yamaha WaveRunner jet ski, as documented on her Instagram account. The model comes from the brand’s luxury line, FX.

She added a second picture and short video of Steve, mounting a Yamaha WaveRunner as well, writing: “Look who decided to get on the jet ski.

And he definitely should make the most of his holiday, because, as it turns out, Mr. No Water Activities seems to have enjoyed his time on the jet ski.


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