Looking For the Right Wheels for Your Toyota? This Might Help

Custom Rims 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from CARiD
Finding the right wheels for your Toyota or Lexus without needing to modify its body or suspension to fit might be a bit of a problem. Everyone drools at the sight of those deep-dish rims perfectly filling the wheel arches.
Sorry to pop your bubble, but those won’t fit a standard car without modifying it a bit. However, you can get some semi-deep-dish rims that will still look better than those flush ones looking like they came out from a toy car.

Anyway, finding semi-deep-dish rims to fit your car and look good at the same time might be a bit of a problem too. There are thousand of models out there, each coming in different sizes and colors.

A quick way to narrow the possibilities is to search the Internet, but if you have no idea what you’re looking for this might seem again overwhelming. You will eventually find some forum thread with different car-wheel combinations but it’s still time consuming.

Luckily, we found this website to aid you in your search. CARiD gathered a huge selection of rims, each with a high level of style befitting your Toyota car or truck. You can simply search by model and year and you’ll get a vast list with what rims can fit your car without modifying it.

Check it out here.
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