Look Mom, No Hands, Almost No Teeth, Tibia or Spine

It looks like the online supply of “watch and learn” motorcycle videos is inexhaustible. Just when you’d expect the least, a new guy makes it on the front page of a website with a newly-uploaded video, showing more proof that nothing ever changes when it comes to silly things.
Off-road no hands is a bad idea. 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
Now, in this case, what should have been a “look mom, no hands“-video could have ended in the local morgue, and no, it wasn’t about speed. This rider made the worst choice possible for the scenery to tape his skills. An off-road track with potholes, rocks, ruts and whatnot is most likely the one riding surface any rider in their right mind would like to never lose handlebar grip on.

That is because even when riding at moderate speed, the front wheel can effortlessly change direction upon hitting an obstacle, be it one as small as a potato-sized rock. In fact, that’s why so many off-road riders are using steering dampers to help them navigate difficult track sections.

Maintaining a firm grip on the bars and directional control of the bike when riding on very rough ground is quite demanding, and forearms muscle will burn from the effort in just dozens of minutes. Arm fatigue is often the cause for riders losing control of their bikes and crashing, too. It looks like the chap learned a very important lesson that day. All in all, he was extremely close to hitting the tree full-on and it’s more than once when we’ve seen teeth flying and multiple broken bones after such encounters. And breaking the spine against a tree is yet another unfortunate outcome…

Don't do this, it's utterly stupid and very dangerous!

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