Longtail, Fat Tire Cargo Bike That Folds Offers an Extra Cool Feature to Attract Customers

French-made cargo bike Calendar Max is more than your typical utility two-wheeler. It is described by the manufacturer as the first fat-tire longtail bicycle and has another cool feature up its sleeve.
Calendar Bikes Longtail Max Cargo Bike 8 photos
Calendar Bikes Longtail Max Cargo BikeCalendar Bikes Longtail Max Cargo BikeCalendar Bikes Longtail Max Cargo BikeCalendar Bikes Longtail Max Cargo BikeCalendar Bikes Longtail Max Cargo BikeCalendar Bikes Longtail Max Cargo BikeCalendar Bikes Longtail Max Cargo Bike
Hand-crafted in Lieurey, France, Calendar’s e-bikes are about inspiring a more eco-responsible lifestyle, facilitating transport and business-related trips, as well as about bringing something new to the table. The company only has two bike models released (Calendar X and Calendar Longtail Max), but so far, we’re impressed.

Back to the Max two-wheeler, it is more than your average cargo bike. In a somewhat unusual combination of features, the bike comes with a longtail design, fat tires, and it's also foldable. But wait, there is more! To make things even more interesting, Calendar Bikes made the frame of the Max photoluminescent, making the bike glow in the dark, for better visibility (and an extra touch of coolness).

Available in two variants, Max and Max Plus, with the latter being more feature-rich, the cargo e-bike comes with an aluminum frame, 20” wheels, foldable pedals and handlebar, a Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur, hydraulic brakes, and mudguards both for the front and rear. While it is definitely a plus that it features a folding mechanism, this is a hefty vehicle weighing 29.5 kg (65 lb.) with the battery included. As for its maximum payload capacity, the bike can handle up to 200 kg (440 lb).

When folded upright, ir measures 60 x 124 x 89 cm (23.6 x 48.8 x 35 in), while unfolded, it measures 196 x 117 x 60 cm (77.1 x 46 x 23.6 in).

The longtail Max is equipped with a 250W motor and a 10.4 Ah/360 Wh battery that claims to offer an autonomy of up to 50 km (31 miles) on a charge.

A lot of accessories are available for the Max cargo bike, from backlit pedals and footpegs to a memory foam cushion for the seat, storage pockets, stackable crates, and a higher-capacity battery that offers up to 80 km (approximately 50 miles) on a charge.

Calendar Bikes sells the Max at €3,990 ($4,535), while the more premium Max Plus version starts at €4,590 (around $5,220). You can check out the longtail cargo bike in the videos below.

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