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Long Time Android Auto Issue Breaks Down a Key Google Assistant Feature

Google Assistant is a must-have piece of technology for Android Auto users, as it enables voice commands and allows them to control everything hands-free.
Google Assistant fails to read the news in Italian, according to reports 1 photo
On the other hand, as many of us learned the hard way, Google Assistant isn’t always working exactly as expected on Android Auto, and the issue we’re highlighting today is living proof in this regard.

Several users are complaining on Google’s forums that Google Assistant is no longer able to read the news when the language is set to Italian, despite everything working just fine in the past. The feature has been broken for over a year, someone says, and no recent Google app or Android Auto update resolved the whole thing.

A while ago asking Google Assistant to ‘Play the news’ used to work. It's almost one year this Assistant action is broken when Google Assistant is set to Italian language. Asking Google to play the news on the normal Google App works just fine. The only thing GAssistant replies on Android Auto it's that it does not understand,” someone explains on the forums.

People affected by this bug went to great lengths to fix it, so the issue was reproduced on several phones from LG, Xiaomi, Google, OnePlus, and Samsung, but also on multiple car models like Volkswagen Tiguan, Citroen C3, and Ford Ka.

Google at one point requested more feedback on the problem, but a fix is yet to be provided. According to the linked discussion thread, the issue is still happening on Android Auto 5.9, which is the latest update released by the company this year.

For the time being, it’s still not clear what’s causing the whole thing for these users, so right now, users are all alone in their attempt to resolve the problem and make Google Assistant read the news correctly. The next Android Auto update is expected to go live in January as version 6.0.


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