London Supercar Spotter Buys a Lamborghini Gallardo, Lives the Dream

The internet has opened up new possibilities for a select number of kids that make big bucks on Youtube. Some film themselves playing video games, others give makeup advice and a select few talk about cars.
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Who are we talking about? People like Shmee150 from England or Saabkyle04 and SubaruWRXfan from America - to name but a few. However, Paul from Supercars of London seems to be earning the most money.

After a few years chasing Ferraris and Lambos around London, Paul rose to fame when he purchased a second-hand Audi R8. It was a basic model with a V8, manual gearbox and some mechanical problems, but it proved you could buy a supercar with money made on Youtube.

After that, car companies took notice of Paul's channel and invited him to many test events. Some of them even lent a few of their most powerful toys.

Right, we've got to talk about the beast. It's a Gallardo, of which Lamborghini made thousands, but it's a rather rare special edition.

This is the Gallardo LP560-4 Bicolore of which only 250 were ever sold. Paul says the majority were painted white, like his, but even at 150 examples, we're talking about a serious exotic.

The Bicolore was introduced in 2011 at the Qatar Motor Show, bringing a new two-tone exterior finish with a matching interior.

Chromatically speaking, we're talking about a black roof, black pillars and engine cover (this comes with a massive glass structure as standard). The rest of the body can be covered in one of the five special shades available: Giallo Midas, Arancio Borealis, Grigio Telesto, Bianco Monocerus and Blu Caelum.

The color is irrelevant for Paul because he has had all his vehicles wrapped. The guys at Yiannimize Refined are frequently mentioned in this video, we that's the likely place vinyl magic will happen. Back in 2011, Lamborghini also threw in a set of Skorplus rims that are finished in titanium gray enamel. The same Italian shop also used a black finish for the air intakes, front spoiler, as well as for the upper section of the rear diffuser.

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