London Drivers Urged To Switch Off Engines When Idling!

After earlier this year, the mayor of London, Borris Johnson announced that he would be launching an “anti-idling” campaign, it seems that they have thrown some science into the mix. According to Energy Saving Trust (EST), who were asked by Transport of London to conduct research on the matter, it would seem that turning off one’s engine for a minute or more is genuinely more economical and, obviously, much greenerthan keeping it running.
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If all drivers were to adopt this practice, some 100 million kilograms of CO2 would not be spewed into the atmosphere every year. Tim Anderson, Senior Knowledge Manager at EST said "Many modern vehicles are fitted with start/stop systems which automatically switch off the engine to prevent idling. Research shows that turning off an engine and restarting it after a minute uses less fuel and causes less pollution than leaving it running."

And, if you were wondering, fines will indeed be applied for people who leave their engine running for too long. While we feel this is a bit too relative to really impose it onto people, it will gradually become irrelevant as more and more new cars come fitted with start/stop systems as standard. We are curious as to how this will play out in the future.

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