LOIR Coupe Is a Sleek and Minimalist Ride with Killer Looks and Geared Wheels

It’s not every day you run across something that makes those gears in your head turn. But everyone in a while we run across something that’s so satisfyingly mind-boggling that we just have to share it with everyone.
LOIR Coupe Concept 11 photos
Photo: Joaquin Obligado
LOIR Coupe ConceptLOIR Coupe ConceptLOIR Coupe ConceptLOIR Coupe ConceptLOIR Coupe ConceptLOIR Coupe ConceptLOIR Coupe ConceptLOIR Coupe ConceptLOIR Coupe ConceptLOIR Coupe Concept
One of these concepts that were talking about can be seen in the renderings by Joaquin Obligado, an automotive designer from Turin, Italy. We don’t know exactly how long Mr. Obligado has been designing vehicles, but one thing is for sure, he knows how to work those body lines, and not only that. As with most concepts, this one too includes some pretty out-there ideas.

But, before we get into the technological ideas that surround the LOIR Coupe, let’s first have a look at the exterior. What we do know about the design is that it went through quite a few initial ideas before becoming the ravishing creature you see today.

From the start we can see a very slim and sleek, almost tear-drop shape. Personally, it’s hard to find any other vehicle that looks more aerodynamic. Maybe a rocket. The front of the chassis drops low at the front with a smooth and curved grill or hood, or at least the space where a grill or a hood should have been. That lack of any sort of engine compartment also leads us to believe that it’s electric, in theory anyway.

LOIR Coupe Concept
Photo: Joaquin Obligado
Heading toward the back of the car, the same smooth and curved theme holds true. And by the time all the car's geometry meets up at the rear, it ends up looking slightly like an UFO. This sort of lifted and rounded rear we’ve seen before on the Jaguar Consul and Mazda Shinshi.

The next obvious feature on this concept are those freaky looking wheels. They are basically hub-less wheels that seem to work very similarly to the way gears in a watch do. Aside from the obvious problems with something like this, which we’ll raise shortly, let’s just continue.

At the end of each strut, which extends from the body as if it wants to be a F1 car, we find a geared hub. Each of these hubs is then set within the inner wall of the geared wheels, and it’s all supposed to just magically stay together while you accelerate, brake, and turn.

LOIR Coupe Concept
Photo: Joaquin Obligado
Sure, it looks hella cool but imagine for a second that you are inside this ride cruising along at 60mph (96kph) and suddenly you hit a bump in the road. Like any normal car, that wheel would most likely be shot into the air a bit and off goes your front left tire, wheel, gear mechanism and eventually the entire car, along with you. Sorry, got carried away there for a second. Luckily this ride and mechanism is just a concept for you viewing pleasure.

There is just one other idea we find on the LOIR. The body is supposed to be made up of some sort of material which allows the car to change its opacity. This allows the outside world to see the interior of the vehicle, or not, it’s all up to the passengers. That same material is used to project trip information such as speed, and other vital information, to the driver.

Sadly, the only time we’re ever going to see something like on our streets will probably be never. There are just too many problems with the tech the car is supposed to use. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still be inspired by something like it.
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