Loft Bedroom Tiny Packs Timeless Charm Inside a Classic Family Home Layout

Downsizing doesn’t have to mean unconventional living. Couples and even families can still enjoy the classic look and all of the comforts of a typical home, even if they opt for a tiny version. This beautiful, Australian model isn’t quirky or unusual but balanced enough to please anyone, which is why it’s so easy to love.
The Arnhem is what tiny living elegance and family comfort are all about 21 photos
Photo: Iconic Tiny Homes
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Tiny house design often breaks the boundaries of what’s considered “normal” and typical when it comes to housing. The lifestyle itself is often associated with people who are ready to become pioneers and explore a different way of doing things, such as living off-grid or opting for atypical house layouts.

But the fact that tiny living continues to grow in popularity and to evolve proves that it’s appealing to a lot of folks, not just the particularly daring ones. The secret is that tiny homes can be miniature houses, meaning that they can pack all the features of traditional layouts within a smaller space. This way, home owners get all the benefits of downsizing (mainly in terms of affordability and flexibility) without compromising on quality living spaces.

The Arnhem is a classic beauty – nobody could deny its peaceful, welcoming spirit, or its elegant features. Its builder, the Australian Iconic Tiny Homes, describes it as one of the most popular models in its range, and we can see why. The Arnhem doesn’t aim to revolutionize or to come up with unexpected solutions. There’s something comforting about its traditional appearance and family-friendly layout. It may be simple, but it works.

Arnhem Tiny House
Photo: Iconic Tiny Homes
Built on a tri-axle, 8 x 2.4 meter (26 x 7.8 feet) trailer fitted with electric brakes and stabilizers, the Arnhem is like a miniature farmhouse that’s ready to hit the road. All of the Iconic Tiny Homes comply to the local size regulations for caravans, so that they can be movable and easily relocated.

The builder can deliver them all across the country, with the help of a towing company. From there on, the owners are also free to relocate somewhere else down the road – living in a tiny home means that you’re never stuck.

So, what is a classic layout when talking about tiny homes? Most of the times, it includes a kitchen, lounge, and bathroom on the ground floor, plus one loft bedroom. The Arnhem isn’t designed for a feeling of spaciousness, with an open-space configuration and oversized windows. It’s more about the intimacy of traditional configurations.

For example, the breakfast bar area is partly separated from the kitchen and the lounge. This turns into a cozy nook, with plenty of light coming through the front windows, that’s just as good for work as it is for dining. Thanks to this private setting, it’s versatile enough to double as an office area, in addition to providing a comfortable space for family dinners.

Arnhem Tiny House
Photo: Iconic Tiny Homes
The lounge or living area also feels more cozy than the larger ones in other tiny house designs. Although there’s no visible separation between it and the kitchen, it feels more intimate. There’s no large, U-shaped sofa, just a daybed with storage underneath, strategically placed under a large window (beautifully designed, and reminiscent of classic white picket fence homes).

This isn’t exactly a great spot for socializing and having friends over, but there’s plenty of room on the deck for that. Customers can opt for a large, covered deck that nearly doubles the available space. And that’s what tiny living is mostly about – spending more time outdoors and reconnecting with the natural surroundings. So, Arnhem’s deck is ready for spending time with others, while its interior remains cozy and discrete.

A solid staircase instead of a flimsy ladder is always a better choice if you want a house that feels more like a home. Ladders have their advantages in certain cases, but they’re not the best thing for long-term living, especially for family members of different ages.

Arnhem sticks to classic features, and these include a staircase with a tiny rail, leading to the loft bedroom. As you’d expect, it also offers plenty of storage, but the interesting thing is that it’s not hidden, which makes it look less bulky (and also adds more visual interest).

Arnhem Tiny House
Photo: Iconic Tiny Homes
The bedroom boasts a similar classic look, with enough space for a generous king-size mattress, elegant lighting, and a beautiful protection wall made of wood. The bed is flanked by two windows, ideally set up for cross-ventilation.

The Arnhem tiny is fitted with good-quality appliances both in the kitchen and the bathroom, which is also key for conventional comfort, and can also go off-grid (with a solar package, a compost toilet, and water tanks). The bathroom includes a full-size shower, and the kitchen sports an induction hot plate, an electric oven, and a draw dishwasher. The white cabinets provide storage without taking up too much space, and also add to the farmhouse charm.

Classic style and comfort don’t come cheap, even in miniature size. The Arnhem’s price starts at AUD $138,000 ($91,700) but over time it reduces living costs drastically, especially in the off-grid version. For those with a farmhouse nostalgia, this classic tiny could be the best sustainable alternative.

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