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Lock Your Vespa With This Neat Anti-Theft Device

Fitting a disc lock to a scooter might be troublesome due to its wheels size, and carrying a thick heavy chain around isn’t much of a better option. So how do you secure your Vespa with something else than the standard handlebar-lock? This thing here might be the answer.
Handlebar lock cable 4 photos
Handlebar lock cableHandlebar lock cableHandlebar lock cable
Most scooters and motorcycles have a handlebar lock included in the steering system, but with a bit of brute force, the rudimentary device can be disabled in a jiffy. Thankfully Fowlers Parts offers this nifty alternative to locking your bars.

The device comes in the shape of an armor-plated cable that gets fixed to a bracket under the scooter’s seat, and the other end locks to the handlebar end. The cable is short and can only be attached to the handlebar when it is fully locked to one side.

This makes the two-wheeler harder to be moved around since it will only steer in the direction the handlebar was locked. Not saying that it’s impossible to steal it, since it still can be thrown in the back of a van, or pushed around with its front wheel suspended on a skateboard, but it will definitely make it harder for occasional thieves.

If you want to lock it to a railing or pole, the company also offers a one-meter extension cable priced at £46. The standard lock goes for £48, while a premium one is £127.

The premium lock offers increased protection through an STS locking system, anti-drill coating, 7 mm hardened steel joints, stainless steel internal cable, and anti-leverage mounting bracket.

The handlebar lock can be had for the most current models from Vespa and Piaggio. When not in use, the lock can be fixed between the seat and the footrest, so it won't rattle or swing around to damage your paint.

As always, it’s better to stick as many safety devices to your bike as possible. The more of a hassle it is, the less interested the thieves will be in it.


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