Local Motors Is 3D Printing a Car: Forging History

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Photo: screenshot from Youtube
How do you imagine a perfectly sustainable civilization? We think the key is to ditch the industry processes, harvest our own energy and create our own stuff at home, which could work as tiny autonomous factory. How? 3D printing is the answer.
And yes, a 3D printed car is possible to make in the near future as Local Motors is currently trying to demonstrate at the International Manufacturing Technology Show.

Earlier this year, Local Motors run a design contest to find the perfect vehicle template that could be created via layer-by-layer printing. The Strati concept has been chosen by the jury and if they’ll manage to create and drive it, this will be marked in the automotive history as the first functional 3D-printed car in the world.

The design belongs to Michele Anoe, comprising a buggy-like single-piece body, removable seats as well as a few aluminum and carbon fiber reinforcements. The whole car has around 40 printable pieces and it will be powered by an electric motor and a battery pack.

For the job, Local Motors is using a Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) system, which can deposit carbon-reinforced ABS plastic layers at a rate of 40 pounds (18.1 kg) per hour, resulting a 44-hour time to create the car.

"This brand-new process disrupts the manufacturing status quo, changes the consumer experience and proves that a car can be born in an entirely different way," said Local Motors CEO John B. Rogers, Jr.

Never heard of Local Motors? We’ll just tell you it’s the company that made the coolest customizable hardcore off-roader ever - the Rally Fighter.

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