Loading a Tank on a Platform Goes Horribly Wrong in - Obviously - Russia

If your car has ever broken down so badly it needed to be lifted on the bed of a road-assistance truck, then you'll know what the driver of this tank is going through.
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Well, kind of. You see, you're only driving your own car, a vehicle you paid for with your hard-earned cash and one that you know very well. Him, on the other hand, is in control of a very expensive piece of military equipment that was bought with the money of Russian taxpayers, and the last thing you want to do is put it to waste.

But, as we've said, if you've ever been at the wheel of a car that's mounting on a flatbed, then you'll probably remember that moment when the hood is pointing up to the sky, and you can't see where you're going. You have to rely on the man guiding you and, most of all, on luck. So you take that leap of faith and push the accelerator, hoping for the best.

With a passenger car and a much wider trailer, there's usually plenty of room for mistakes. The margin for error isn't that narrow, so as long as you don't stick your foot into the accelerator or something, there's very little that could go wrong. With a tank, though, things aren't quite as simple.

A tank driver is used to not seeing much of where he's going, but that's not really a problem for him. With a steel behemoth weighing 46 tons, you don't need to bother about that many obstacles. Anything from a tree to a house would better grow legs fast and run the hell out of your way, or it will be the last day they'll spend on this planet.

With this in mind, we should go easy on the poor fellow who got this trailer mounting so wrong. Being able to drive through anything can get to your head up to the point where you start to question even whether the laws of physics apply in your case. Which is why putting a sticker just below the driver's hatch reminding them that they do might not be such a bad idea.

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