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Lithuanian Man Tries To Vandalize Roman Abramovich's Superyacht, Solaris, but Fails

A little goes a long way, and a lot of people are trying to do their bit to help Ukraine. Even if it means vandalizing an oligarch’s superyacht. Or trying to. In this case, it's all about Roman Abramovich's yachts.
Roman Abramovich's Solaris Superyacht 6 photos
Roman Abramovich's Eclipse SuperyachtRoman Abramovich's Solaris SuperyachtRoman Abramovich's Solaris SuperyachtRoman Abramovich's Solaris SuperyachtRoman Abramovich's Solaris Superyacht
Ever since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, everyone has had to suffer, on both sides. From brands that stopped production and delivery to the European Eastern country to governments hunting Russian oligarchs’ yachts, and imposing steep sanctions to the country’s elite, even the wealthy ones are affected.

And Roman Abramovich, who’s worth $13.9 billion, is trying hard to keep his two superyachts out of reach. The billionaire, who has close ties to the Kremlin, is also the owner of top-ranking Chelsea Football Club.

But the word is a Lithuanian man had tried his hardest to vandalize his yacht in Barcelona, Spain, Cronica Global reports. The activist tried to take control of the vessel he was traveling in, in an attempt to get closer to Abramovich’s $600 million superyacht, Solaris, to vandalize it.

When the captain and the sailor of the boat realized what the man's intention to graffiti the yacht with spray paint, they protested, which ended with the man trying to take control over the yacht. The two managed to overpower the Lithuanian activist, and docked the vessel back to port, and contacted the police and the Civil Guard.

Although news just broke out on the man’s attempt to graffiti Abramovich’s superyacht, Solaris, the event happened early this month, on March 3.

The 460-ft (140 m) vessel left the Port of Barcelona a few days after the graffiti attempt. Abramovich has since received sanctions from the UK, which stops him from selling his soccer team at the moment, among others.

After the man’s attempt to vandalize the superyacht, according to police officers, they reinforced security in the Marina Barcelona 92 (MB92) and the maintenance factories.

Besides Solaris, Abramovich is also the owner of the world’s second-largest yacht, Eclipse, which has a length of 533 ft (162.5 m).

Editor's note: Gallery includes a photo of Abramovich's Eclipse


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