Lindsay Sued for Drug-Fueled Carjacking

Over the last days we've seen a lot of celebrities getting bitten in the derriere for past actions and since Lindsay has had a very tumultuous past, she couldn't have gone unnoticed. Just when we've heard that Britney has escaped her driving without a valid license trial, we come to find that Lindsay has been slapped with a lawsuit for her crazy stunt last summer.

Back then Lindsay was all about experimenting. And that she did, experiment, both with cocaine and with alcohol. And then, just for the fun of it she got behind the wheel and started a mad race across town stopping at the Santa Monica Police Department under arrest. She was accused of a DUI and spent a grand total of one day in jail, which was more like an in-and-out thing.

We all thought that the matter was settled, and so did Lindsay, but she apparently forgot about the three people in the car with car, because it seems the car she chose to ride around town with was not empty. The three guys claim that the intoxicated Lindsay hijacked the car they were in and began riding madly around town, running red lights and “endangering all of their lives”.

More aspects about the wild ride emerged when the boys described Lindsay as “hostile” and shouting that she “didn't care about the risk of death” and that “she was a celebrity... she could do whatever she wants”.

They are seeking punitive and compensatory damages which have yet to be determined, but the whole thing seems a bit blown out of proportion. We know Lindsay was rather wild during that time, having been busted twice for DUI in less than 90 days, but these dudes sure took their time to make up their mind.

Lindsay's lawyer seems to think so too, be quoted as saying “these guys had the night of their lives, playing with the radio and leaving the vehicle at one point and getting back in”. If Lindsay does go to court she could end up paying a handsome some of money, which isn't exactly the best time for her.

Let's face it, her career isn't at a high point right now, and it doesn't look like she'll get work anytime soon. There were also those nasty rumors about her borrowing money left and right without returning any.
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