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Lindsay Lohan Not Allowed To Drive By Production Company

As if the troubled diva didn’t have enough on her plate, according to TMZ, she was contractually obligated not to get behind the wheel of any car, while her ongoing show “Liz & Dick” was in production.
Lindsay's Crashed Porsche 1 photo
Such a clause exists in her contract for one reason only: her alcohol abuse problem, as she tends to enjoy a drive after having had a few (too many) drinks. What is odd about this story is the fact that, apparently, on the drive leading up to her crash, she was being tailed by an SUV from the production company, yet they didn’t do anything to stop her.

As this wasn’t really a legal matter, more of an understanding between Lindsay and the production company, insurance will cover the damages and she’ll get away with crashing the Porsche 911 (991). However, she will not be allowed to drive until filming is over, and considering the fact that she has millions of dollars and she’s only 25, it is an extremely bad way to live - guess money doesn’t bring happiness after all, as everything around us tries to get into our heads.


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