Lindsay Lohan Is a Reckless Driver in New Super Bowl Ad

Like most of you fellows out there did, we too spent a couple of hours watching TV with the Super Bowl hitting in this weekend. As opposed to everybody, however, we payed special attention to the auto ads this year’s edition had to offer. Lindsay Lohan’s Esurance ad was a bit bitter, but still had the rightful amount of funny.
Lindsay Lohan Is a Reckless Driver in New Super Bowl Ad 1 photo
Photo: Esurance on Youtube
She’s a mom. No, she’s a sister. No, she looks like a mom, yet is too young to be one so she would rather make for a sister. Yet, Lindsey Lohan impersonates neither of these characters, but a reckless driver who ruins her car while stopping to pick up her son. The kid is not her child, we’ve established that already, and this proves the point of the Esurance commercial.

Wait, what?

OK, seriously speaking for a change, the point is that the auto insurance that Esurance offers is build according to each buyer and not for the category you’re part of. As in, if statistics show young car owners are usually bad drivers, that doesn’t necessarily make you one. Maybe your driving record is clean as a white sheet, yet you end up paying as much as a failed Schumy.

In other words, the 28-year old actor plays a mother who embarrasses her son with her out of control driving, but she later proves to be somebody else. After trying to hurry up her presumably son into the car, she admits being a different person and takes off.

Apart from the fact Lohan kind of looks like a mom even though she isn’t one, we’re pretty sure that Allstate decided to pick her for the insurance ad because of something that's to do with her real life driving record, which is not that good...

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