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Lincoln Town Car Cartier L Previously Owned by Johnny Cash Heads to Auction

Lincoln has never been the same again after the Town Car went out of production in 2011 along with the Panther platform and the Ford Crown Victoria. Sedans, for that matter, are no longer in favor with the American public, let alone those with a body-on-frame design.
Johnny Cash’s Lincoln Town Car Cartier L 5 photos
Johnny Cash’s Lincoln Town Car Cartier LJohnny Cash’s Lincoln Town Car Cartier LJohnny Cash’s Lincoln Town Car Cartier LJohnny Cash’s Lincoln Town Car Cartier L
Johnny Cash used to own such a luxobarge, and his Town Car is a very plush example of the breed. “Cartier L” is how this specification is called, the range-topping trim level until 2003. Come 2004, Lincoln replaced it with the Ultimate L and Signature L.

Offered at no reserve by Barrett-Jackson, chassis number 1LNHM85W71Y719683 comes with a plaque that reads “built especially for June and Johnny Cash” on the dashboard, flanked by the clock and two buttons. Appropriately finished in black, the car features a gray interior theme, the continental-style trunk, the landaulet roof, and all that jazz.

Coupled to a four-speed automatic transmission, the eight-cylinder Modular engine is good for approximately 235 horsepower and 287 pound-feet of torque in ideal conditions. God only knows how many ponies have escaped since the sedan was brand-spanking new, but from the looks of it, the Town Car appears to have been meticulously maintained.

“After June passed away, Johnny gave this Lincoln to neighbors in Jamaica,” explains Barrett-Jackson, “who subsequently shipped the car to their home in Germany. They have owned the vehicle since that time. This Town Car has 28,609 miles (46,041 kilometers).”

Given the durability and reliability of the Panther platform and Modular V8, this kind of mileage is nothing for a Town Car. These babies are known to go more than 200,000 miles without opening the engine for a rebuild, which is saying something about how sedans used to be made back then and why the below-average Fusion, Taurus, MKZ, and Continental all failed.

On an ending note, Barrett-Jackson previously offered Johnny Cash’s car in January 2020 at no reserve but to no avail. Unfortunately, Barrett-Jackson didn’t explain why the Town Car didn’t sell at the first auction.


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