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Lincoln MKT Beats Man at Parallel Parking

There are people who are good at parking, and there are those who will ruin your day by trying to park in a space which is obviously not big enough for the job. But what if in the near future, where robots rule the world, we won’t have to park for ourselves.
Automotive journalist Ezra Dyer, who reportedly loves to park his car, has proven that this very future is already here... sort of. In a battle between himself and the new automated sensors on the Lincoln MKT (with the waterfall grille), he says he was marginally defeated by the self-parking devices.

The tape measure doesn’t lie, while the driver managed to get a bit closer to the curb on one occasion, but the car’s systems were a bit more consistent and the car was parallel.

If you’re scared of the machines taking over, fear not John Connor, you can still turn the thing off and ruin your alloys.


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