Lincoln MKC: American Small Luxury SUV

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote an editorial saying it’s not a good idea to take a normal family car and convert it into a luxury automobile. The Lincoln brand was the main target of our observation, a struggling automaker that many believe should have been killed off.
In fact, when FoMoCo CEO Alan Mulally took over, he had a plan to steer Ford away from the incoming recession by selling the Mazda stake and killing off all brands to focus on Ford products alone.

But somehow, when Mercury was killed, Lincoln survived. We’ve yet to see a true Cadillac rival from them, but while luxury sedans are tricky to pull off, SUVs are far more lucrative.

This is why, at the Detroit Auto Show, Lincoln will be showing a concept for the MKC small luxury SUV. It’s based on the Ford Escape and is only slightly bigger in size.

The concept impresses with its airy feel and the amazing design. We’re taken with the size of the boot opening mechanism, the four-passenger white leather interior and the effects of the headlights. All these things would have been easily missed had it not been for this official video from Ford. We’ve also noticed that there’s no gear selector stick. Instead, you press button on the dash to engage drive or park, like in an Aston Martin DB9 for example.


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