Limited Edition Teardrop Trailer Is Built With an Amish Touch: Eye-Catching Living Begins

If you know how the RV industry functions, you realize there's a reason so many machines look the same. That cannot be said about the limited edition 2023 Tag XL camper. Upon seeing it for the first time, I was transported into the past, where pastels ruled the design world.
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Photo: nuCamp RV / Edited by autoevolution
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If you're having trouble understanding what I'm talking about, just stroll through the image gallery. Just be warned: if you do, you may end up giving old nuCamp a call. This may be one of the only teardrop campers of this styling that I'd ever drop my cash on. Let's find out why.

You may have heard the name nuCamp uttered around these parts before. Currently, they're operating out of the heart of the United States, Sugarcreek, Ohio. But the best part of their work is that each camper is hand-built. From truck-bed units to travel trailers, all are built to the same nuCamp standards. Recent times have even seen this crew expanding into other styles of campers, like the Barefoot, a Boler-like habitat.

Now, something few people know about nuCamp and/or Sugarcreek is that they're in the middle of Amish country. Well, that influence shows in the Tag, mainly in the cabinetry and all the little spaces used to house the AC and heating systems, and above all, the galley. Since these are the main attractions that set this Tag apart from all others, let's dive deeper.

I want to start off with the rear of this teardrop. It's here that we'll find my favorite area in such a unit, the galley. Let's start with the styling and then see what it all means. Oddly enough, this was the space that drew me to this trailer the most. Why? It gave me the feeling of being inside a home, and as I mentioned, it's one ripped right out of the '60s and '70s.

2023 Limited Edition Tag Camper Galley
Photo: nuCamp RV
Sure, it may be that whole pastel custom-stained look, but it isn't. The brushed steel perfectly complements that shade of green or turquoise, and a tiled backsplash throws light every which way. It's the kind of feature that subconsciously attracts you to whatever is cooking on the stove. Since it is an outdoor living machine, features like a fridge/freezer are also neatly tucked away on a sliding tray. Utensil racks and neat little shelves accompany the features mentioned above.

As for what all this means for you and me, it depends on if you're into this style of outdoor living. I'm not going to lie. If you like whipping up a meal real quick, hanging off the edge of your camper, and watching the sunset, this is the one for you. If you like attention, don't worry, you'll get it.

Inside the Tag, the retro cues of the galley continue. Here, too, the cabinetry includes the same color tone found outside, but the rest of the paneling is white with a clear gloss to it. Once the recessed lighting is activated, that gloss reflects light all over the cabin. Comfort features include AC and heating systems, bulbous windows, and two entrances to access the interior from wherever you'd like. Power plugs and sockets for devices are there too. A Bluetooth sound system is available too. However, my favorite gimmick of the interior is the stargazer window. It's here you'll find me spending most of my evenings.

As for a few of those necessary off-grid features we need, want, and love, nuCamp has taken the time to throw in a power converter, solar panels, and Goodyear AT tires to help you get to where you want to go and stay there once you do. A roof rack is sure to be a bonus if you fill the under-bed storage and cabinets with your gear, clothing, or utensils.

2023 Limited Edition Tag Camper Interior
Photo: nuCamp RV
By now, you've noticed something is missing, and it's the bathroom. This could be the only downside to this unit, but not all is lost. The presence of an outdoor shower is precisely what the outdoor lover would need. All you may want is to grab a shower room. If you're in the middle of nowhere, wash up under god's ever-watchful eye.

Take all that and wrap it up into a few minutes of daydreaming. What do you have? A travel trailer that won't weigh your truck down will stick it through until the end, and once you reach said end, it'll keep going by keeping you alive. Take a moment to feel the warmth of a new day. Think about what you'll be doing over that extended weekend, all the while enjoying a meal prepared in that chic galley.

Come nighttime, a fire should cast a wonderful glow onto the side of this Tag. Take in the night sky, warm your bones, tell stories, you name it. Why not break out the old guitar and sing away into the night? It's your fantasy, do what you will.

As for the price of this bugger, there's no mention on the manufacturer's website. Still, some of the more decked-out Tag campers can be found around the $30K mark. So, if you're looking for a stand-apart travel trailer, this limited-edition Tag is one unit you can consider.

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