Lime's New Seated Scooter Citra Wants You to Cruise in Comfort Throughout the Summer

Lime has started testing its newest addition to the fleet, Citra, a comfortable two-wheeler that combines the best features of bicycles and electric scooters.
Lime Citra seated electric scooter 6 photos
Lime Citra seated electric scooterLime Citra seated electric scooterLime Citra seated electric scooterLime Citra seated electric scooterLime Citra seated electric scooter
Rideshare services such as Lime have revolutionized urban transportation and it is something we all have to admit, whether we’re fans of the micromobility movement or not. They are also responsible for the boom in the electric scooter industry, with these fun two-wheelers gaining massive popularity in recent years. There are several reasons why so many people prefer them over cars: they’re emission-free, comfortable, convenient, and affordable, which makes them great city commuting vehicles.

Aiming to keep the micromobility revolution flourishing, Lime is constantly working on improving its vehicles and coming up with fresh, exciting models, aiming to reduce urban car trips that are under five miles. Enter Citra, Lime’s latest addition to its fleet.

Citra is designed to offer the comfort of a bike with the effortlessness of an electric scooter. It is fully motorized, completely emissions-free, and engineered for long-distance rides. Lime also says it’s the first one to feature a dedicated and scalable storage space in the back.

We’re being offered little to no specs on the new scooter/bike from Lime, but here’s what we know so far. Citra is designed with comfort in mind, featuring a step-through frame, a large, comfortable seat, and thick tires, all of which are meant to let you enjoy smooth, effortless rides, even over long distances.

There’s a throttle on the handlebars, a phone mount that helps you navigate easier without having to constantly stop to look at your phone, and the bike is equipped with front and rear turn signals and a loud horn. We’re not being offered any details on Citra’s range, but we know that the scooter is powered by swappable batteries, just like all new Lime vehicles.

Lime has just launched the new Citra in Long Beach, California, in an initial pilot program. It chose this location as its first market to test the scooter in because it has a great riding environment and it supports sustainable transportation. Citra scooters can be seen and tested throughout the summer.

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