Lilium Launches a Luxury Limited-Edition eVTOL for Private Customers in the UK

Lilium and eVolare are launching a special edition of the Lilium eVtol Jet, in the UK 7 photos
Photo: Lilium
Lilium Launched the Pioneer Edition JetPhoenix 2 is the latest demonstrator tested by LiliumPhoenix 2 is the latest demonstrator tested by LiliumPhoenix 2 is the latest demonstrator tested by LiliumPhoenix 2 is the latest demonstrator tested by LiliumPhoenix 2 is the latest demonstrator tested by Lilium
The incredible popularity of the Jetson One clearly showed that people are eager for a flight experience that allows more freedom, while also being better for the environment. A future where a lot of folks could be flying around in their private electric jets no longer seems so distant. Another step towards that comes from Lilium, in the UK.
German manufacturer Lilium is one of the most important names in the emerging eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) industry simply because it claims to have developed the first eVTOL jet. It has successfully tested several prototypes throughout the years, and is planning to have its jet officially enter service by 2025.

Until that moment, Lilium is about to make some people in the UK very happy. That’s because it launched a new version of its aircraft, called the Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet, and a few of these babies will be sold to private customers in this country, through eVolare.

eVolare is a subsidiary of Volare Aviation, which claims to be one of the largest helicopter and private jet operators in Britain. Through a recent agreement with Lilium, it had committed to purchasing ten of these new jets, with an option for ten more. Starting now, eVolare is the lead launch operator in the UK for selling these jets to private customers.

The bad news is that we’re talking about a limed edition, with only 50 of the Lilium Pioneer Edition Jets available. Lilium hasn’t shared too many details about the model, but the most notable feature seems to be the luxury cabin, with “exclusive fabrics” and plenty of customization options.

It sounds like the high-end version of the standard eVTOL jet, with a focus on style and comfort. At the same time, this limited-edition version will offer the same performance as the standard model, based on the Ducted Electric Vectored Thrust (DEVT) technology developed by Lilium over these past years.

To ensure a great experience for the future owners of these eVTOL jets, eVolare will also run a local maintenance service center.
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Editor's note: Gallery shows the fifth Lilium eVTOL jet technology demonstrator Phoenix 2

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