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Lilith Is a Custom Royal Enfield GT 650 From Spain That Rose From the Ashes

Pepo Rosell and his custom shop XTR Pepo took the rubble of a 2019 Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 his buddy crashed and turned it into this tough-looking, race-inspired custom called Lilith.
Lilith Custom Royal Enfield GT 650 7 photos
Lilith Custom Royal Enfield GT 650Lilith Custom Royal Enfield GT 650Lilith Custom Royal Enfield GT 650Lilith Custom Royal Enfield GT 650Lilith Custom Royal Enfield GT 650Lilith Custom Royal Enfield GT 650
As for the name, it came from the myth of Lilith, the “primordial she-demon” and first wife of Adam. Lilith was said to be “a hot fiery female who first cohabited with man” and she’s earned her place in modern parlance as a go-to character in works such as that of Nobel Prize-winning novelist José Saramago.

Rosell has made his bones by developing his signature style of street-legal cafe racers, and Lilith is an excellent example of his work.

His friend also contributed the name as Rosell says his friend's penchant for the “dark side” of life - and his vocation as a tattoo artist - led him to be attracted to skulls and such iconography.

According to Rosell, this build presented him with a unique challenge - allowing for the seat to accommodate a passenger.

His friend asked Rosell to provide seating for his girlfriend, but most race bike setups hardly allow for that kind of domestic utility. Rosell said he recalled seeing a seat setup on the Morini 350 Sport which he thought might work, and he was off to the races on the build. He ultimately crafted the final seat design for the owner’s girlfriend’s “seat” to make it a perfect fit for her.

“Lilith” is also decked out with custom XTR LED lights, a fairing and windshield combo, a fiberglass tank, adjustable YSS rear shocks, K Speed footpegs and a quick-turn throttle from Domino.

Rosell finished off the build with a set of Turbokit pipes, 17-inch aluminum rims, Continental Road Attack tires, his own XTR aluminum CNC machined adjustable brake and clutch levers, a Brembo Gold front brake reservoir and a Fulbat LiPo battery. The paintwork was completed by Artentura Paint.

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