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Lil Yachty Celebrates His Birthday in Drake’s Jet, Gives Us a Glimpse of Its Gold Interior

Lil Yachty has just had a birthday flight to remember. For his 25th birthday, the rapper got to fly in Drake’s $185 million custom Boeing 767 called “Air Drake,” and gave us a glimpse of its golden interior.
Lil Yachty and Air Drake 7 photos
Lil Yachty and Air DrakeLil Yachty and Air DrakeLil Yachty and Air DrakeLil Yachty and Air DrakeLil Yachty and Air DrakeLil Yachty and Air Drake
Lil Yachty, whose real name is Miles Parks McCollum, has just celebrated his 25th birthday and he did it in the best way - surrounded by his close friends. Among them, it was also Drake, who offered Lil Yachty the opportunity to fly in his private jet.

The rapper obviously jumped at the opportunity and didn’t forget to snap a lot of pictures so he could have receipts that it happened. In a series of photos posted on his Instagram account, Lil Yachty revealed that “big bro [Drake] said I don’t gotta fly Delta anymore.”

While the majority of the pictures showed Lil Yachty on the runway, taking selfies with the $185 million custom Boeing 767 aircraft that Drake calls “Air Drake,” some of the shots gave us a rare glimpse of the interior of the luxurious jet.

One of the pictures reveals Drake's jet has mirrors and gold detailing on the walls, and beige leather seats. Drake wore a black hat with the Mercedes-Maybach logo on it, since he’s recently been all about Maybach merch.

Although it's not pictured, what it's known of the jet is that it also has fully carpeted flooring, but we do get a glimpse of the velvet couches. The plane received a full makeover in 2020 from the late Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton's artistic director, who was a close friend of Drake's.

The exterior of the Boeing 767 seems to be inspired by Drake's cover art for his album "Nothing Was the Same," released in 2013, which featured blue skies and fluffy, white clouds and it also displays its name, Air Drake, plus Drake's OVO logo, an owl.

Given how much Drake uses it, it’s clear that the interior of the jet is designed to offer the utmost comfort. And Lil Yachty was lucky enough to fly in it for his birthday.


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