Lightning Motorcycles Speeds Up Its 250-Mph Record-Breaking Hyperbike Project

Tachyon Nb project hyper-bike 11 photos
Photo: Niobium Tech
Tachyon Nb project hyper-bikeTachyon Nb project hyper-bikeTachyon Nb project hyper-bikeTachyon Nb project hyper-bikeTachyon Nb project hyper-bikeTachyon Nb project hyper-bikeTachyon Nb project hyper-bikeTachyon Nb project hyper-bikeTachyon Nb project hyper-bikeTachyon Nb project hyper-bike
Named Tachyon Nb, the bullet-shaped motorcycle is a prototype that benefits from the latest technological breakthroughs in the universe of electrical mobility. With the help of the Brazilians from CBMM, a pioneer in Niobium technology, the superbike makers want to shave off some extra weight and go for the record. 
The name is not randomly chosen out of the blue. Back in the 60s, scientists hypothesized about a faster-than-light subatomic particle. They gave it the name "tachyon" even though it remained a Physics fantasy.

Of course, the record-chasing electric bike has slightly lesser ambitions now and only aims to surpass the magical 250 mph (or 400 kph) mark. It would become a hyperbike when it breaks that barrier. To do so, it will put on some high-tech and lay off some weight.

Hence, the tagline "the speed of lightweight" points toward Tachyon's goals. To go that fast, the motorbike needs a lot of power packed in as little a body as physically possible. Since regular superbike material is not enough, higher-strength alloys must be developed for the framing.

This is where niobium comes in. A particular metal with the perfect mechanical properties to help engineers with making better steel. These can withstand higher loads and increased structural stress than the common compounds of the motoring industry.

Those materials will be used to build the tubular chassis of the bike, which is lighter but just as robust as the standard steel alloy one. Check the last video at the bottom of this article to learn more about metal.

Apart from its mainframe, the Tachyon Nb will also have Niobium alloy brake discs, conductors, and capacitors. Like its predecessor and current electric motorcycle land speed record holder, the LS-218, the Tachyon will be a proving ground for new tech.

"We are implementing Niobium-containing brake rotors for improved high-temperature performance, several Niobium components in the on-board charger that allow the entire system to be more reliable and efficient, and finally Niobium-containing steel tubing in the swing arm and chassis that allows us to meet the demanding strength and weight requirements of the application," says Daniel Wright, CBMM engineer, and Tachyon project manager.

The record Lightning Motorcycles wants to set is not just to become the fastest electric motorbike on the planet. They have been holding that record since 2011 - play the second video to see it - and beating it is not the main challenge. But going 32 mph (51 kph) faster than 218 mph (350 kph) is a severe undertaking.

The lightweight record-breaker wannabe will run its trials on the El Mirage desert and the Bonneville Salt Flats, a seven-decade-old traditional proving ground for cutting-edge technology and ultra-high performance.

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