Light Show in China May Have Been Sabotaged, Dozens of Drones Fell From the Sky

It seems like nature is not the only one acting crazy these days, with a different kind of “rain” coming down hard in a Chinese city. But this time, it was no heavy storm that caused people to run for cover, but dozens of drones falling from the sky.
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Drone light show fail in ChinaDrone light show fail in ChinaDrone light show fail in ChinaDrone light show fail in ChinaDrone light show fail in China
It all happened at the beginning of this month in Zhengzhou, the capital of China’s Henan province, a metropolis renowned for its network of tech parks and industrial zones. This time, it didn’t make the headlines for the right reasons, but for an epic fail that’s most likely to circle the internet for a long time from now on.

The city hosted what was meant to be an imposing drone light show on October the 1st, at the Wanda Plaza shopping mall in the High-Tech Zone. It was all part of the mall’s anniversary event and approximately 200 drones took to the sky under the hypnotized eyes of thousands of spectators.

But the delight was short-lived, as the drones barely managed to get in a formation that spelled the name of the mall when dozens of them started crashing. It was a strange sight that an internet user described as a plot from the Black Mirror science-fiction series.

Within just two and a half minutes from their glorious ascent, the drones started plummeting back to earth, crashing into cars, trees, and everything else in their path. Some spectators started running to take cover from the incontrollable machines, while others ran toward them to pick them up like some sort of prize.

While some voices claim it was probably an accident caused by an Internet drop or an operation error, the show organizer classified this as an incident, speculating that an industry rival interfered with the signal of the drones, as reported by Drone DJ.

The drone “rain” was caught on video and you can watch it below.


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