Lifted Porsche 928 Looks Ready For Offroading, Nicknamed S4x4

It's been a few years since we're using the term "jportscar", with the term being easy to explain, since it defined jacked up sportscar (just check out the dedicated tag below). Such machines are slowly, but steadily turning into a trend (more on this below) and I've brought along a recent example of this, namely a lifted Porsche 928.
Lifted Porsche 928 3 photos
Lifted Porsche 928Lifted Porsche 928
We only have a pair of photos showcasing this Zuffenhausen contraption to rely on, but it looks like we're dealing with serious chassis work here. Of course, this would mean the machine is actually prepared for hevy offroading (just like a Cayenne on the right tires) - pixel tip to Abby Short of the Y U RUNE KLASSIK? Facebook group for these pics, whose origins can apparently be traced to an unnamed 928 group.

Now, this Porscha is believed to be a 928 S4, now nicknamed the S4x4 - keep in mind that the S4 came with 4 valves per cylinder, with this pushing its V8 to 320 hp, which was just right for the late 80s.

The onwer of the German machine seems to have kept the rugged terrain conversion and the whole build in the tastefully restrained visual area, which is one of the reasons we're talking about it right now.

And while the original Porsche plan, which expected the 928 to somehow replace the 911 didn't work, jportscars could be used as SUV alternatives.

Sure, the cabin space obviously isn't in the same league as that offered by crossovers, but the advantage is that you don't have to accept the disconnected driving experience SUVs offer just for the sake of the beenfits brought by their generous ride height.

Fortunately, Porsche is one of the companies who seem to understand the need for SUV alternatives, even though things have remained in a concept stage for now (I'm refering to the Mission E Cross Turismo, which has lost its extra ride height while getting closer to production and becoming the Taycan Sport Turismo).


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