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Lifted Mazda Miata Is the Awesome Baja Sportscar

The original NA generation of the Mazda Miata is probably the most bullied sportscar in recent history and things aren't all that different with the NB generation. Well, a Miata specialist in Kentucky has come up with a solution that might even allow the Miata to play the bully role itself, if desired.
Lifted Mazda Miata 10 photos
Lifted Mazda MiataLifted Mazda MiataLifted Mazda MiataLifted Mazda MiataLifted Mazda MiataLifted Mazda MiataLifted Mazda MiataLifted Mazda MiataLifted Mazda Miata
We're talking about the lift kit in the image above, with this being Paco Motorsport's most impressive MX-5 effort to date. It all started out with the idea of delivering a three-inch lift kit that would fit both NA and NB Miatas.

One thing led to another and Paco Motorsports built the NA we have here, with monster offroad tires, beefier wheel arches, a light bar, a strong rollbar in case things go wrong and a respray that had quite an effect on the car's appearance. Oh, and there's also that front-mounted tow hook resembling a piece of hay being used for tooth-picking purposes.

While the initial idea was to offer a reversible kit, along with a few other items such as adjustable control arms and extended lower ball joints in order to keep the alignment in check, things have gone past that point.

The Miata you're looking at comes with a custom suspension, featuring air springs at all four corners. These allow for individual control, so you won't have to feel like you're in a Mazda-branded boat when on the highway.

The high-riding Miata has just hatched, so we're expecting more news on the topic soon. And yes, we're ready to bet that, if marketed at a fair price, this kit might become a major hit with rallycross enthusiasts or drivers who simply enjoy getting their giggles inside a Miata.

And while we have to tip our helmets to Redditor tylerstig1 for bringing this to our attention, we're inviting you to check out the contraption in the image gallery below.


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