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Libyan Boy Does Donuts in a Ferrari 458 on Sand

Libya, a country know for its oil, its large port capital and a guy called Muammar Gaddafi, who apparently wasn't very nice.
Ferrari 458 being hooned by kids 1 photo
But it seems these folks are rollin' in money and spending it as fast as the folks over in Dubai. The spending has a distinct air of "oh no they didn't" to it.

Where else would you see young boy being filled by another boy while doing donuts on sand. So, supercars really are easy to drive, huh?

Daddy, daddy, please buy me a Ferrari to play with. OK Omar! Opulence, I has it… Libyan style.

We have no idea what the boys are saying, but it should be something along the lines of "Ken Block, eat your heart out!"

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