Liberty Walk McLaren 650S with Fi Exhaust Exposes Engine Bay for a Solo Concert

The McLaren tuning market has been growing exponentially, and it's safe to say that Woking hypercars have reached a respectable level of aftermarket attention. For now, we want to focus on a 650S that has received a thorough tuning job coming from a pair of Asian developers.
Liberty Walk McLaren 650S with Fi Exhaust 10 photos
Liberty Walk McLaren 650SLiberty Walk McLaren 650SLiberty Walk McLaren 650SLiberty Walk McLaren 650S with Fi ExhaustLiberty Walk McLaren 650SLiberty Walk McLaren 650SLiberty Walk McLaren 650SLiberty Walk McLaren 650SLiberty Walk McLaren 650S
As you'll be able to notice in the piece of footage below, this Macca has ditched its factory exhaust system for one provided by Taiwan-based Fi Exhaust. Given how aurally-restrained the stock exhaust is, especially if we factor in the weapon-grade performance of the 650S, the move seems like a perfect fit.

As is the case with any contemporary McLaren, peeking into the engine compartment of such a beast can be a bit of a challenge. Well, this clip does all the work for you, with the supercar having been stripped in order to reveal the full exhaust path.

Then there's the aural side of the adventure and, even in this static scenario, the decibel play of the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 occupying the middle section of the car manages to impress.

As for the part of this custom 650S you don't get to see in the video, it all has to do with the speed demon's Liberty Walk bodykit. The Japanese aftermarket developer has come up with a full aero package for the British machine and you can check this out in detail using the image gallery to your right.

The kit consists of a front apron, side skirts, a rear apron, a rear wing and, of course, the fat fenders the LB Walk label is famous for.

If you're planning to gift your McLaren with such a kit, you should be prepared to pay Ford Mustang GT money for the package. To be more precise, the package is offered in three versions: it all kicks off with a fiber-reinforced plastic model, which is followed by a CFRP package. The latter can also see the wing being built from dry carbon.

Depending on your choice, the Liberty Walk McLaren 650S kit will set you back between $34,000 and $42,380.

And since we mentioned the McLaren part of the aftermarket industry, you might also want to check out that 1,200 hp tri-turbo upgrade coming from the US.

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